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I have posted a picture into this album ( everyday so far this year. check it out.

Friday, January 7


Hey guys. I am not sure if you guys know, but I am now putting my pictures right into a facebook album. if you guys want to see them, you can add me and let me know. it sounds like I am looking for friends, but I really only have time to update my facebook page. here is my profile:


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Thursday, July 29

the days fade

I have some stuff on my plate right now..

'like what?'
first, I am moving.. not far. but it is still a move. and this takes time I don't have.

'well, Jack, why don't you have any time?'
second, band.. I love band with all of my soul. but it is a huge time commitment.

'band can't take all your time away..'
third, work.. I work a lot. it can be fun. but that is just another thing to add to the list.

'band, work.. you have 168 hours in a week.. what else?'
fourth, school.. I start school in one week. yes. that's right. on a thursday.

'I guess that could add up..'
you are right. it sure does.

and I feel like all of my days are fading away into nothing.
that's what's up with me for now.
there went my summer..

who put a tree in my bubbles?

Wednesday, July 28

life take its toll

while the days pass the sun sets.
and rises.
and sets yet again.
every day you lose yourself.
little by little.
till you're gone.
the toll has been taken.
the price of life.

from le love

Wednesday, March 17

I'm a Creep

I have been listening to Creep lately.
The original was written by Thom Yorke, and
first released by Radiohead in 1992.
I have listened to many covers of this song.
So far my favorite version is by Damien Rice.
The line 'whatever makes you happy, whatever
you want' resonates with me.
I want you to be happy.
Even if you don't want me.
Your happiness is worth anything.
You are the best thing.

Wednesday, March 10



Monday, March 1

Trying Words.

I think I'll try some words.

When the night fades into morning
And the birds begin to crow
The time I've spent in mourning
I will never surely know
The crimes I have committed
Swell and burst in my head
By the time you look back
Your old friend surely
will be dead

That's all I got.
I may add more later.
It's pretty rough...

Saturday, February 27

The Old Bike

It's weird that photographers spend years or even a whole lifetime, trying to capture moments that added together, don't even amount to a couple of hours.  ~James Lalropui Keivom

Tuesday, February 23

A Rose

Monday, February 22

Tuesday, December 15

Trying Bokeh

I recently bought a new lens. It is a Nikkor 50mm 1.4D AF.
It is such a great lens! Bokeh (I say it like bow-kuh)
is the way your image has a nice creamy background.
This lens is great for that. I took this quick snap shot while
drinking a soda out back. More to come...

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Hi, Atus

More posts to come. This summer will bring great things. I will show them to you.

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(you really need to click on the photos for best size)

Monday, January 14

Last Sunset

Last sunset of 2007.
Back in the day...

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The Drum

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Rest in peace UNKNOWN

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